The success of the sport club is solely dependent on the organization, management, professionalism and leadership shown by the club officers, advisors and coaches. It is created for students, by students, under the supervision of the Sport Club Coordinator and staff. A Sport Club is a registered student organization assisted by the Recreational Sports Department, formed by students motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a specific sport.

  • Further, it does not include any activity that interferes with the education of other students or the mission of the institution.
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  • Due to practical reasons, the current study was performed six and a half years after the funding period ended.
  • A parent with an interest or talent may volunteer to give lessons one day after school each week.
  • The Summit Recreation Barn is a replica of an old post and beam barn, with a state-of-the-art basketball/volleyball court and men’s and women’s locker rooms.

The Alliance of Student Organizations is the overarching organization that oversees all clubs officially recognized by the WSU student senate. ASO organizes the mandatory club fairs and sets regular meetings that are requirements for individual clubs, sports clubs included. For more information on maintaining your official club status, visit WSU Clubs & Organizations. This is also a first stop for sports-related clubs that are newly forming. Also 15-year-old soccer players have accumulated approximately 500 hours of practice and competition in a year (Ford et al., 2012) .


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The Sport Club athletic trainers coordinate care for all of the official, registered ODU sport clubs. As long as a member of an official sport club has fulfilled the appropriate participation requirements, that member has full access to the athletic trainers on site and in the athletic training clinic. Impact on existing open recreation, intramural sports, and other sport clubs.

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This saved sports clubs a lot of time and made it possible for them to focus mainly on the sport activities and guidance of participants. Both NSFs and sports clubs, therefore, agreed that the support that NSFs offered was of great value to sports clubs for continuing activities. To develop targeted policy strategies to increase sports participation levels, more insight into the behavioural patterns and preferences of users of different sports settings is needed. Some studies suggest that preferences for specific sports settings depend on sociodemographic characteristics.

If your child has a particular academic interest, check with their school to see if a related program is offered. Groups that focus on math, science, and computers, for example, encourage leadership skills while helping children learn to work as a team. They are a place for kids to meet like-minded friends who share their passion for certain subjects and learning. Some clubs may have equipment available while other clubs may require you to supply your own. It is the responsibility of each sport club member and participant to submit the proper forms related to their Sport Club activities.

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The representatives of the NSFs and sports clubs were informed about the background and aims of the study through email and before the start of the interview . In addition, they were informed that participation was voluntary, all collected information would be kept strictly confidential and only anonymized data would be published. They were free to ask questions about the research and could contact the researcher for questions by email or telephone.

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UWG offers an exciting, diverse curriculum that allows its students to flourish and become community and world leaders. Take advantage of what the University of West Georgia has to offer. With equipment directly imported from North America, we take canoeing experience to a whole new level. Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Water Sports Club creates the ideal water playground. We offer Premium Water Sports services including kayaking, canoeing and SUP board. Club Women’s Volleyball invites all students to join weekly on-campus sessions in Gates Field House.

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