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Body Sculpt Program

Which program to choose?

Training programs vary according to each person and the determined purpose. In other words, every age, every lifestyle and body type is different from each other; There should be a program of study followed by an expert. Since this sport does not have specific patterns and goals, it can be done at any age. For example, you can start this sport at the age of 16 or 55. The goal in fitness applications is to be healthy and achieve higher living standards, not aesthetic concerns such as hypertrophy (increase in the transverse size of the muscle), weight loss, regional slimming. In Princes Sports Club hall, personalized exercise strategies are developed for our members, accompanied by expert trainers, and arrangements are made in line with the physiological data of the members.

Princes Sports Club offers such classes:

Abs Express Work all your core muscles to get the six pack you’ve always wanted in just 15 minutes.

Body Sculpt is a weighted circuit class; great for toning/shaping/increasing power/burning calories;  a whole body “killer workout” .

Bootcamp: High intensity interval training that will take your fitness to the next level.  One of the best ways to burn fat in 60 minutes.

Bulgarian Bags are leather crescent shaped bag filled with sand, perfect for dynamic movements to increase muscular endurance & improve co-ordination, and overall shoulder & joint mobility. Its unique shape helps to improve mobility in ways that solid weights can’t.

Butt Blaster:  specifically targeting the glutes and thighs.

Cardiac Club is a low impact cardiovascular workout. Strengthen the heart and lungs and also lower your blood pressure.

Health Back Class to prevent chronic & recurring back pain if you’ve suffered in the past or to take preventive measures. Suitable for all.

Indoor Cycling 45 minute high intensity cardio based ride building on muscular strength & endurance OR a 30 minute fat burning spin.

Jump a fun 45 minutes on a trampoline,  reducing body fat & improving balance & pelvic floor; amazing results to legs/hips/stomach.

Mini Max/Body Max is the ultimate toning class bringing weight training from the gym to the studio, in a fun, effective and safe way.

Pilates/Yoga/Balance classes will increase flexibility & promote a sense of wellbeing using choreographed exercises to increase muscle tone and strength whilst focusing on posture.

PIYO delivers a full body workout; improves flexibility, core training, body sculpting & a big calorie burn; intense, short workout that’s easy on the joints but delivers in big results.

Wake Up with Jason  is a fun packed, challenging workout, focusing on body weight & high intensity exercises aimed at getting you fitter.

ZUMBA: Ditch the workout – Join the party!! Workouts have never been known to be so much fun until now! Dance yourself fit.