Booking System – Cancellation Rules


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As of the 1st of November we are re-instating the booking system for classes and courts.

Every member has an hour prior to their booking to cancel their reservation.

At the start of every month each member will have 3 points, if they don’t turn up or don’t cancel within the time restriction they will lose a point.

When all 3 points have been lost, you won’t have the privilege to book any classes or courts for a week.

However if there is space on a class, or a free court and you are unable to make a reservation you may participate on the day. (Eg – If there is a space on the 6.15 spinning class and you are on site at 5.30 you may participate.)

This new system is not be negative, it is to ensure that the booking system is being used efficiently so that instructors can monitor class attendance and all members have a fairer chance of participating in various classes.

Thank you for your cooperation.